Wednesday, December 25, 2013


lol..baekhyun too excited..>.<

Asaslamualaikum...hey u'all..wats up gang??? hows today? arini miszm nak share something..
maybe ape yang miszm share ni berguna untuk budak2 sekolah yang takde idea nak buat karangan..
btw aper yang miszm nak share ni tak laa nak berape baik sangat..biase2 jep..
here we goooooo!!!!!! =)

 I could not sleep throughtout the night. I felt like the night was so different from the other night. The wind was so cool as cool as cucumber. So, I decided to go the living room and watched television since I could not sleep. The clock showed 3.00 a.m. I turned on the television and started searching for a channel. all the television programmes were not interesting to me but I continued watching it. i took snacks and orange juice while watching the television.

out of the blue, I saw a bright light behind my hpuse through the kitchen's window. My heart suddenly beat faster and I became nervous. I braved myself to look out what was that thing. there was nothing at the back of my house until I heard a soung from the forest not far from my house. I felt excited to know what happened and decided to go the forest. That night was too dark and I could not see anything so I brought a torchlight with me. On the way to the forest my mind could not stop thinking what was that thing. Was that a wild animal? Or maybe a UFO? I felt scared and focused on my way.

After reaching the forest, I started searching for a thing. I kept walking and walkingand then saw ahuge,gigantic ship just like a battleship just like in television. A word that came from my mouth after seeing that ship was 'unbelieveable'. I wanted to get closer with the ship so I decided to move forward little by little. Suddenly, there were two things which were human-like coming out from the ship. there were aliens! I turned off my torchlight so that the aliens could not detect the presence of myself.

I kept an eye of both aliens. They brought out a few boxes from the ship that made me so curious. I moved my steps forward towards the ship. The ship was 2-metres away from me. As I wanted to get closer to the ship, I took a wrong step because infront of me was a stick and I had stepped on it. One of the alien saw me and told the other one. both of them ran towards me. I felt scared and the only thing that I knew was to run as fast as possible from the aliens. Suddenly, I hit a stone and felt down to the ground. The aliens were still searching for me and they were running as fast as lightning and I became so dreadful. 'Help! Someone help me! Help!' I screamed as loud as i could for a help but no one heard me. I cried out loud.

'Susan, get up!' I heard my mom was calling my name. I felt frightened and woke up from sofa. I felt clueless and I knew that all of the aliens was a horrifying dream. My mom said that I slept at the living room while watching the television. I looked at the clock it was 7.00 a.m and I was already late for school. On the way to school, I kept thinking about the dream that i had last night. I felt relieved because the dream was not real.

fuuuhhhh!!! its done! hope essay ni membantu...gud luck! ^.^
okay got to go frenz..bye! 
bubbye! =]

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